How To Win At Poker – Online Poker Strategy

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Various skills and knowledge are required to win at online poker, and those skills are quite different then what normally works well in a live poker game. Many reasons exist as to why the same poker strategy you employ in a live poker game just does not work as well in an online poker game.

In order to learn how to win at online poker, you must first grasp the basic understanding of what is going on ‘behind the scenes’. In a live poker tournament, factors such as the deal, physical tells, and bold plays will affect the outcome of each hand, whereas, online poker overwhelmingly lacks these basic circumstances.

For instance, cards dealt in an online poker game is controlled by a computer-generated program that barely mimics a true random deal such as in a live game. Moreover, you are unable to detect ‘physical tells’ by your opponents, thereby making it more difficult to tell if other players are weak or strong. Standard poker strategy such as trapping and bluffing become more difficult online, since the primary skills of poker are absent in an online game.

Furthermore, because the deal and the randomness are created by a computer software program that can follow a particular pattern, in some cases it makes no difference how skillful you play. For instance, in a live game your pocket aces are normally an 88% winner against any random hand. However, in online poker. Those odds usually do not hold true, because of the algorithms used by online poker sites.

What this means is that normal skill used in a live game, becomes less important and less effective in your quest to win at online poker. The explanation for this is that the software actually controls which hands and which person may win, regardless of the true live odds. This fact has been proven in multiple studies conducted by several poker and software professionals in an attempt to learn how to win at online poker.

The result is simply that a computer generated software program controlling the outcome of hands is ineffective when a player wishes to use their learned skills in online poker.

The answer to win at online poker is to go along with the program and adjust your play according to the algorithms used by the software. The only true way to defeat the computer-generated codes, is to learn how they work and emulate and adjust your play to win at online poker.

The Best Online Free Poker Tips

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A multitude of websites offer unlimited information on how best to play poker and what the best poker hands are. However, the real information on winning Texas Holdem is better realized through poker players that have poker knowledge, experience and information. Find out some of the best online free poker tips in this article.

Poker Knowledge:

Knowing how to play poker is only a small fraction of the battle to winning at online poker. The challenge is having the knowledge of how to proceed in each and every poker hand. When playing poker online, you may hear or witness a bad beat story which makes you think that online poker is rigged. However, the majority of those constant bad beat stories are a result of a misplayed poker hand.

For example, if you limp in with 6 7 on the button and the flop comes 778, then your opponent goes all in, you obviously will call. Your opponent shows 9 10, the turn is a jack and the river a 2, is this a bead beat that could have been prevented?

Absolutely, if you are going to play a suited connector on the button, after your opponents have limped, maybe the best play is to raise so you get rid of the 9 10, or any other mediocre poker hands that could beat you.


That which is known; the sum of what has been perceived, discovered, or inferred: knowledge, lore, wisdom. That which is known about a specific subject or situation: data, fact, intelligence, knowledge,…

All that explains what information is; and poker is all about information, more specifically, Perfect Information.

Perfect information is collecting as much as you can about each player at your table and then using that information to play your poker hand. If you have an aggressive player, a bluffer, a tight player who only plays the nuts, then you need to store this perfect information, so when you are in a hand, you have a better idea of how to proceed against that opponent.


Poker experience is the key factor in any thing that you do, and that holds true in poker online as well. You will see a lot of unusual things in online poker, and the more you experience and understand how the particular situation went down, the better prepared you are to handle that situation when you come across it.

Additionally, experience in poker cash games or online Texas Hold em tournaments is easily gained by reading poker news, studying poker hand history, watching poker videos, or interacting with other players on poker forums. The more you absorb yourself into the no limit Texas Hold em game, the greater your experience as you learn how others played a particular poker hand or how not to play your poker hand.

Combine your knowledge, information and experience at the poker table to better play your game and increase your odds of winning. Although it may take a long time to gather these skills, you can take shortcuts by reading more first class poker tips in this FREE poker book link.

Good luck and whether you play live poker tournaments or online poker at Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, or any other poker site, always remember to  play your best poker game with the right knowledge, information and experience.

The Check-Raise – Texas Holdem Tournament Tips

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One of the most misunderstood poker techniques is the check raise; this Texas Holdem strategy can take your skill set to the next level and help increase your chip stack. In this article, learn the proper time and method of check-raising your opponents when you play no limit holdem.

One of the advantages of holdem poker is that you can make strategic moves against your opponents much like in other skillful games such as chess. Oftentimes, you can represent your hand as strong or weak, depending on your position and your opponent’s aggression.

Setting Up a Check Raise

The beginning of a successful check raise is determined pre-flop, what that means is you want to make your decision to check raise, long before the flop comes out. Making decisions preflop when you play Texas holdem is more advantageous than waiting till the moment you have to act to make your decision.

Four important factors need to be present should you decide to make a check raise play. They are:

  • The strength of your hand
  • Your table image
  • The table attitude
  • Your position

It is vital in Texas holdem to consider all four of these factors to successfully pull off a check raise that nets you a maximum win.

Hand Strength

The stronger your hand is pre-flop in Texas holdem, the better chance you have of pulling off a profitable check raise by concealing that strength. In other words if you have Ace King suited and limp, it is very difficult for your opponents to figure you are playing a strong hand, especially if your ace comes on the flop.

The fact that you did not play it strong pre-flop, will make others believe you are trying to steal the pot or you are on a draw when your ace hits. On the other hand, if you limp in with small suited connectors and hit a big flush or straight draw on the flop, this is less likely to induce much action from your opponents because those draws are more visible and more believable.

Therefore, concealing a strong hand pre-flop is the best method for setting up a check raise when you hit the board.

Table Image

Your table image is important as well; table image is the way in which your opponents perceive you as a player. They may label you as a tight player who plays few hands, an aggressive player that bets and pushes, or a passive player that folds to strong moves.

If your opponents know that you are a tight player and you check, they may bet out thinking you will fold because of your tight image. On the other hand, if you are aggressive, and you check they may not bet, robbing you of opportunities to check raise.

Table Attitude

This is another important aspect when executing a check raise. Table attitude in Texas Holdem is the general environment of the players at the table. If the majority of your table is comprised of calling stations or ultra-aggressive players, a check raise may not get the desired results, as players tend to call from behind and do not respect the raise.

Alternatively, a check raise when the table attitude is tight, usually gets people to fold and allows you to take down a pot without contention. In Texas Holdem, table attitude should be the determining factor in how much to check raise. In other words, a check raise at an aggressive or calling station table is still a good play, however, you want to make sure that your raise is sufficient to make people fold, instead of calling to suck out on you.


In order to pull off a successful check raise in Texas Holdem, position plays a very important part. If you are early to act in a hand, checking to allow someone else the opportunity to bet is the basis of the check raise. However, if you are in late position with a tight player behind you, you will likely miss an opportunity to check raise.

Be aware that, as in most Texas Holdem hands, position can dictate what actions you should or should not make. Using your position to determine beforehand whether you should plan a check raise is very important to succeeding.

A check raise in Texas Hold em poker can be used for a variety of reasons. Squeeze the maximum number of chips out of your opponents; find out if your hand is stronger than your opponents, or to take down a pot to avoid anyone drawing out on you. Use the factors of hand strength, table image, table attitude, and position to give you the maximum advantage in the skillful art of check raising in your next Texas holdem game.

Bluffing – Texas Holdem Tournament Tips

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Bluffing is usually the first move many new poker players learn when they start to play no limit Texas hold em poker. Although it can be an effective poker strategy to take down a pot, the technique of bluffing is actually a refined skill that when used properly can help you win Texas holdem tournaments.

The most important consideration when using a bluff in a Texas holdem tournament is to ensure that you are doing it at the right time, for the right reason, and with the right price. Failure to follow the best poker strategy when bluffing could easily result in disaster to your chip stack.

The Right Time

In no limit Texas hold em poker, especially online poker tournaments, timing is very important. Your bluff must be executed with the utmost care to protect you from losing and quickly being recognized as a bluffer. If others at the table witness your bluff, there is a very good chance that when you have a good hand, they may call you down, believing you are bluffing again and possibly suck out on you at the river.

Therefore, a bluff is likely to work when you have the right position in no limit Texas hold em poker, usually, last to act. If the board is practically a blank, with no draws and the action is checked to you, this is a good time to pull off a bluff. However, you must ensure that the players in the hand are not inclined to trap! If a player is known to be a trapper or check raiser, you may want to wait to make your move.

The Right Reason

The right reason to bluff in a Texas holdem tournament is crucial. Are you bluffing just because everyone checked to you, or are you bluffing because you KNOW your opponents will fold? Choosing to bluff when there are calling stations in the hand could be dangerous!

Make sure the reason you are bluffing (whether in an online poker tournament or live poker game) is because you know your opponents will fold. Keep mental notes (or live notes in an online poker tournament) on who is a calling station and who is a strong player that will fold to a bet. Having that little bit of information about your opponents can help you win plenty of pots and get you deeper in your Texas holdem tournament.

The Right Price

No limit Texas hold em poker is all about getting the right price. Remember that the game is about investing your chips to win more chips, and getting the proper return on your investment (ROI). Texas holdem tournaments are especially dependent on your ROI and the right price strategy.

If your bluff is going to put too much of your chips at risk, you need to reconsider if this time is the right time to make your move. In addition, in an online poker tournament as well as a cash game, many weaker players with shortstacks are apt to call in hopes of drawing out.

In a Texas holdem tournament, you must pay close attention to the chip stack of your opponent and know that if they have less than your bluff bet amount, they may call anyway out of desperation to win. On the other hand, if you have a big stack in the hand, he may call your bluff just because he has enough chips to do so.

Carefully plan out your bluff as you progress through your Texas holdem tournaments. The use of bluffing as a tool in your poker strategy arsenal should be used with care to protect your image and your chip stack. Make sure you use the right timing, the right reason to steal the pot, and that you are getting the right price with the minimal risk.

To learn more tips, browse my blog, and if you want to win online poker, go to The PokerStars Code to discover online techniques beating the software!

Video 2010 WSOP Main Event E10 World Series of Poker Part 2

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Part 2 of episode 10, this is day 2 of the World Series of Poker Main Event held at the Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas NV, USA.

In this segment, Norman Chad guesses Daniel Negreanu’s poker hand in the Jack Links Beef Jerky wild card hand. Watch Daniel’s poker face when he raises and gets called by 3 others. When the flop is checked, Daniel makes a bet on the turn card to take down the pot. Of course, Norman Chad was pretty close to guessing Negreanu’s poker hand.

Watch as Norman Chad and Lon McEachern host this episode. Watching poker videos can always help you pick up a few good poker tips by paying attention to the play at the tables.

Highlights in this segment:

Annie Duke crushes her opponent with a straight flush against a full house, moving up to more than $160K in poker chips.

Patrik Antonius (Full Tilt Poker Pro) keeps building his chips (170K)with trips on the flop to knock out Mark Smith.

Daniel Negreanu gets a little hostile when an opponent next to him asks. “How much you playing, Dan?”

2009 Card Player Magazine Player of the Year (POY) Eric Baldwin is also featured in this segment. Jeff Sarwer, the National Under-10 youth Chess champion (1986) is also featured in this 2010 WSOP main event segment. Sarwer cashed 3 times in the 2010 World Series of Poker events.

Erik Seidel continues to grind it out in this 2nd day segment.

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Video 2010 WSOP Main Event E10 World Series of Poker Part 3

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WSOP Main Event VideoClick on image to view video

Hosted by Lon McEachern and Norman Chad at the Rio All suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas NV, USA.

In episode 10 part 3 of the World Series of Poker 2010, Daniel Negreanu engages in a casual converstaion with his table mates. His momentum slowly slips as he loses about half his chips in this segment.

Remember, one of the best ways to learn the poker strategy of the pro’s is to watch the play and adapt your poker game accordingly.
Read as many different poker books and watch videos to help increase your knowledge and experience in how to win at poker.

Highlights in this segment:

Johnny Chan and Joe Cada both put pressure on their opponents preflop to take down pots uncontested.

Chris Moneymaker calls an all in against Darrin Woods holding AJ against QK, Moneymaker doubles up woods when the board gives him a full house.

Patrik Antonius cracks AA (pocket aces) when he raises and then calls a re-raise with 5 3 of spades, flopping 2 pair. His opponent moves all in and gets called by Antonius, for a pot of more than 190K, giving Patrik Antonius about $300K in poker chips.

Micheal Mizrachi continues to build his poker chip stack as he knocks out a few more for a comfortable $192K in tournament chips.

Antonio Esfandiari sees an unfortunate river card.

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Poker On The Internet How To Win Texas Hold Em Online

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Poker on the internet is a primary method that many people use to gain the valuable skills required to become a better poker player. Yet, the ability to succeed is more than just playing. One must spend time learning how to play Texas Holdem strategy.

Any Texas Hold em poker download can offer a variety of opportunities to play against hundreds, even thousands of different players and their styles. However, if you lack the basic poker strategy, you may find yourself fighting an uphill battle. Therefore, spend time in your poker career to learn, discover and apply those basic strategies that will make your game powerful!

It truly makes no difference how you acquire the skills, whether you learn how not to play from watching bad players, or you learn how to make plays from watching pro’s. The big obstacle you need to overcome, is to learn! For example, you know that the incorrect spelling of Teksas holdem still sounds the same. And as you read that sentence you knew it was spelled wrong, yet your brain interpreted the words and you understand what Texas Hold em is, regardless of the spelling.

Poker is the same, there are no great mysteries or mystical methods that make you a winning player. There is strategy, thoughtful decision-making and playing according to the basic strategy. Bear this in mind as you play poker on the internet. Of course you will run up against players that are bad, or donkeys. However, do not fall into their traps of poor play.

Donkeys, chasers and poor play always ends in the same results, long term. Players that fail to understand the true poker strategy and those that fail to improve their game by making correct decisions are the ones that you will ever see succeeding at poker on the internet or in live poker tournaments.

In the long run, even though you know the bad plays you make, just like you know Teksas Hold em is incorrectly spelled, if you persist in trying to become a better poker player by learning good strategy, in the long term you will succeed.

Take your time, read poker strategy articles, pick up a few poker books and read some ways you can improve your game. Even if you glean one or two good strategies from several different sources, in the long run you will be able to add these techniques to your game and become a better poker player.

Remember teksas holdem sounds the same, the real success is in how you learn it!

Endeavor to become a better poker player and succeed at
Poker On The Internet. Click either of these two links to get a free book on poker strategy.

Best Strategy To Win a Sit N Go Poker Tournament

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Anyone who has played Sit N Go Poker has found the action hard and fast, especially in the lower limits. This is the reason that in order to cash in sng poker, you must apply some basic tournament strategy to your game.

Professionals like John Racener (2010 WSOP Main Event Final Table), Tom Durrrr Dwan (Cash game specialist), Phil Hellmuth (most cashes ever in the WSOP), and Daniel Negreanu (KidPoker, the unofficial ambassador of Poker) and countless small time pro’s have had enormous success in these little tourneys we call sit n go poker.

One of the best ways to view Sit N Go Poker is to realize that you have an easy opportunity to make money with minimal risk. That is to say, that you can enter any SNG poker tournament for less than the cost of a cash game, yet have an opportunity to make much more. Any experienced poker player knows you will have a tough time making 4 or 5 times your buy in at a cash table, unlike a sit n go.

To win SNG poker, you must find your best investment and the minimum buy in according to your bankroll. You want to only play sit n go poker tourneys that are at most 10% of your bankroll, and choose stakes where you feel comfortable should you lose.

Once you determine the buy in, select a field size where you feel you can accomplish the maximum return. If you are best at 9 person, go with that. On the other hand if you can easily wade through 27 or 45 players, then stick to that size field.

Now for the best strategy in Sit N Go Poker. I like to begin the game by seeing flops only when I have position and only when I have a strong starting hand. While many players will take an aggressive approach early on, you want to go the tight route and wait for the field to thin. In many cases, I have seen Sit N Go Poker tourneys where three or four players are knocked out in the first 10 or 15 minutes.

By waiting out the action junkies and donkeys, you afford yourself an opportunity of getting to play against more experienced players that will not always call for their draws. In addition as you get closer to the money, players tend to tighten up their game, giving you a chance to make moves or bluff in a timely manner.

So to win in sit n go poker, you want to select the best tournament for your skill level, and play a solid game until you find opportunities to make moves. Playing solid SNG poker early on will also allow you a chance to bluff at big pots since your opponents may have noticed your tight play.

Grab your free SNG poker book to learn techniques on how to become a better poker player.  Discover true ways to win Sit N Go Poker.

Poker Strategy Pot Odds Understanding Texas Holdem Betting Strategies

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The concept of Poker Strategy Pot Odds can easily help you earn money in poker or on the other hand become the major cause for losing your bankroll. Failure to practice and understand pot odds is the fine line between becoming a profitable poker player or worse, a losing or break-even player.

But, I Have Pot Odds!

Although, you will often hear players say, “I have pot odds to call”, the reality is that unless you apply and adhere basic poker strategy pot odds math to your game, you may never grasp the real concept behind this powerful way to make money in poker.

First, understand that there are multiple Texas holdem betting strategies that can make you money in addition to pot odds. There is a value bet, a check-raise and always a bluff that will come in handy. However, understanding basic poker strategy in pot odds, is by far the most important.

Real Pot Odds In Poker Strategy

For example, let’s set a scenario up to understand the whole pot odds strategy. You are playing in a $1 – $2 cash poker game, and you are the big blind, this means you have $2 invested in the pot. First position limps and middle position makes it $12, the hijack, the button and small blind call. What do you do?

First, calculate the total pot, $12 from 4 players plus your BB and the UTG limp makes the pot $52. Now subtract the rake (we will assume it is $5), as you can not win what belongs to the house, leaving your pot at $47. For you to call it will cost $10 into a pot of $47 making your pot odds 4.7 to 1 (divide the pot by your call amount). Now you have the first half of the poker strategy pot odds math computed.

Strength Of Poker Hands

Second, consider your hand strength. Does your hand have a 4.7 to 1 chance to win? What that means is that in order for you to actually get the right return on your investment you need to have the appropriate chance of winning. Therefore your hand must have a potential of winning at the minimum 21% (1 divided by 4.7) to make the right call.

Now you must decide what hand ranges are within the 21% to call. Hands in the lower order of hand rankings are definitely bad calls. Remember you are up against 4 other players (5 if the UTG calls too). Most likely many of your hands will be dominated. Disconnected (Q2, K4, A6, etc) and unsuited hands should be immediately folded.

Poker Hands To Fold

Hands that are in the middle ranges and suited (9 10, 10J, JQ,etc) could be callable. Hands that are in the bottom of the top 10 (KQs, AKs, pocket 10’s, etc) are probably best played as a call since you are out of position. While hands in the top 3 (AA, KK, QQ), may warrant a healthy raise.

Basically, in order to minimize your losses, you only want to call for pot odds when your hand strength is equal to or better than the amount to call.

This is the most basic rule in Texas Holdem betting strategies. Always follow the poker strategy pot odds when you are in a decision to make the call. In the long run you will profit from this solid poker advice.

Discover more Texas holdem betting strategies with a free poker ebook.

Always consider your best Poker Strategy Pot Odds and learn the best strategy for winning in poker.

Sit N Go Poker The Science of The Game

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Sit N Go Poker can easily be reduced down to a few simple mathematics. Knowing the math of the game is half the battle to winning. Now, don’t get too uptight, the math is simple and basic. No need to memorize complex formulas or difficult sit n go poker strategy. Just pay attention to a few simple mathematics of the game and you will find it easier to cash.

Since Sit N Go Poker is always a short field, anywhere from as few as 6 to as many as 180, you can pretty much regulate your play and outlast a lot of players. As I said, the key to winning is in the science, and how well you stick to that science of the game.

Typically, a newbie sit n go poker strategy is to gain as many chips as possible in hopes of sitting back and gliding into the money. This is almost always a detrimental way to try and win. You are far better off building your stack slowly and waiting for opportunities to
get chips from desperate players.

I notice many players get anxious about the blinds and antes as the tourney progresses on. While most players feel shortstacked from the very beginning of Sit N Go Poker tournaments, the reality is that everyone starts with the same size stack and the only important number to remember is the average.

For example, if your sit n go poker starts with 9 players and 1500 in chips, there is a total of 13,500 in play. So when 2 people get knocked out the average chip stack is about 1,930. This means if you are near the average, you have a good chance of moving closer to the money. It is only when you have less than half the average you are truly in danger.

Even if the blinds get to 400 and 800, the total amount in play is still the same, and if there are 4 people left, the average is 3375, so even if you have around 1500, you still can make the money! In Sit N Go Poker do not get tricked by the incorrect assumption that you need 10 times the blind, because NOBODY has 10 times. The number you want to watch is the average chipstack, how is that for simple math?

Remember in sit n go poker, you can not be blinded out if you stay within the average. Even if you are shortstack, you have a shot at the money as other less skilled players will nervously and anxiously make a move hoping to double up. This sometimes results in them getting busted and pushing you into the money.

Discover the best sitngo tips by getting a free book on sit n go poker strategy. Apply those poker tips to your game and learn how to truly dominate Sit N Go Poker